Internal Sinus Lift Solutions

Internal Sinus Lift Solutions

As part of’s (GDS) signature solution series, our technical and clinical team has developed a customized solution to assist implantologists in the controlled lifting of the sinus membrane via the implant osteotomy site, or the internal sinus lift technique. Our internal sinus lift solution is designed with efficiency and control in mind, and will provide any clinician who adopts it with the highest level of risk-management when preforming this procedure.

The GDS Internal Sinus Lift Signature Solution is as follows:

1. Osteotomes

When considering which osteotome instruments to purchase, it is important to note that not all hand instruments are manufactured equally. Besides the quality of design and durability, design innovations like color-coding must be considered in order to make the surgery more efficient and safe.

This 10-Instrument Osteotome Kit has a series of straight and angled osteotomes availabe in either a concave or convex cutting tip, which are used for maxillary sinus floor elevation. The concave tip has a medium sharp edge, which allows for the bone to be pushed under the sinus and mucosa, and the convex tip has different widths which are coordinated so that the widest part (block marking) at the working end corresponds to the diameter of the next instrument at the working tip. This ensures continuous expansion of the bone cavity. The instruments can be purchased individually, in a set of 10 (as shown), or in a set of 5.

2. Surgical Motor

When selecting a surgical motor, two of the most important factors that must be considered when weighing different options are efficiency and reliability.

Implantmed is the gold standard on the market for implant surgery. It has a speed range of 300 – 40,000 rpm and adjustable torque value from 5 to 70 N-cm. Implantmed is the clear choice for all of your implant placement needs because it maintains all relevant information at user level for you, meaning that one glance will show you an accurate torque reading, the current power level, and irrigation reading. In addition, Implantmed is compact and lightweight meaning it has the added advantage of portability between operatories. Furthermore, it has an implant placing program setting, giving the surgeon and assistant the added benefit of ease switching between implant preparation and implant placement modes.

3. Surgical Handpiece

The criteria for selecting a handpiece for your implant placement requires a good surgical handpiece that is reliable, offers different irrigation options to cool the instrument and operating site, and is easy to maintain.

WS-75 LG Mini LED + is the featured 20:1 contra-angle handpiece for implant site preparation and implant placement. This handpiece is complete with a self-generating LED light, and thanks to it being half the size of a normal LED, the Mini LED+ can be integrated very close to the contra-angle head and offers optimal illumination of the operating site. Self-generating in this case means that there are no wires or any additional hardware required to make the LED light shine. Instead, as long as the rotary instrument attached is spinning, the light will shine! In addition, this handpiece offers a moveable external irrigation spray clip (left or right depending on the surgeons preference) as well as an internal irrigation system. Lastly, this handpiece is completely dismantable for thorough cleaning, meaning that the office staff will be able to increase the life-cycle of the handpiece by performing routine maintenance themselves! WS-75 is also available at a reduced price without the LED light.

WI-75 E-KM is another featured 20:1 contra-angle handpiece for implant site preparation and placing the implant. This model is the standard option for the surgeon whose preferences lie with a simple and reliable handpiece for implant placement. The handpiece is complete with external and internal irrigation to guarantee sufficient cooling of the instrument and surgical site.