Block Grafting Solutions

Block Grafting Solutions

As part of’s (GDS) signature solution series, our technical and clinical team has developed a customized solution to assist implantologists in facilitating safe and controlled block, bone grafting for implant site development; specifically Remus Block Grafting and Calvarial Bone Graft Harvesting. Our block grafting solution is designed with the patients safety in mind, and will provide any clinician who adopts it with the highest level of risk-management when preforming these procedures.

The GDS Block Grafting Signature Solution is as follows:

1. Piezo Surgery Unit

W&H’s Piezomed is the new premium level Piezoelectric surgical unit on the market. As a result of their late entrance to the piezo surgery market, they were able to capitalize on some of the design flaws that were iterated to them by clinicians using competitive units. Some innovations exclusive to Piezomed include: Automatic instrumentation detection, multiple unique patented tips, hands-free foot control with a BOOST function, and LED ring light technology.

2. Piezo Surgery Instrumentation (Tips)

W&H’s Piezomed has specifically designed instrumentation sets (tip kits) for bone grafting/harvesting procedures.

Patented W&H special thin saw for fine and deep cuts in record time. Especially suitable for harvesting bone blocks among other applications.

Included in the Instrument Kit for bone surgery are the following tips to facilitate bone grafting/harvesting:

  • B1: Fine-toothed saw for fine cuts, with little bone loss when harvesting bone blocks.
  • B2R, B2L: Fine toothed instrument for horizontal cuts, with little bone loss, in hard to reach areas. Right curved and left curved models available.
  • B3: Sharp instrument for modelling and contouring the bone surface, as well as for collecting bone chips.
  • B4: Sharp chisel for splitting the alveolar ridge.
  • B5 Sharp scraper for collecting bone chips and detaching bone flaps.