Wisdom Tooth Surgery Solutions

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Solutions

As part of Globaldentalshop.com’s (GDS) signature solution series, our technical and clinical team has developed a customized solution to assist oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the removal of impacted teeth. Our Wisdom Tooth Surgery Solution is designed to provide the surgeon with the equipment needed in order to facilitate quick and controlled sectioning of wisdom teeth, during wisdom tooth surgery.

The GDS Wisdom Tooth Surgery Signature Solution includes:

1. Surgical Motor

W&H’s Elcomed is a premium surgical motor. The motor itself is already one of the most powerful on the market with 50,000 RPMs, and when combined with a speed increasing handpiece (1:2.7), can reach up to 135,000 RPMs as well as 80 N-cm of torque at the rotary instrument. With efficiency and control in mind, there is no better surgical motor for the sectioning of wisdom teeth than W&H’s top-of-the-line Elcomed.

2. Surgical Handpiece

The selection of a surgical handpiece depends entirely on the surgeons preference when sectioning wisdom teeth. This preference is largely based on the angle achieved through each particular handpiece along with varying lengths of surgical burs.

W&H’s S-11 LG Mini LED+ is a clear choice for wisdom tooth surgery for the surgeon whose preferences lie with a straight surgical handpiece. This handpiece is a 1:1 speed maintaining handpiece, meaning that it will have a speed of 50,000 RPMs at a torque value of 80 N-cmncm’s (max) at the bur.  On top of being a premium, Austrian manufactured product, W&H’s engineers have outfitted this handpiece with a self-generating LED light for shadow-free illumination of the operating site, meaning that as long as the rotary instrument is spinning, the light will shine. As with all of the newer model W&H surgical handpieces, the S-11 LG Mini LED+ is fully dismantable and autoclavable. This handpiece is also available without the LED light as well.

W&H’s WS-91 LG Mini LED+ is a new age contra-angle handpiece, with a
45° head, and has combined the advantages of straight and contra-angle handpieces for the first time. This is particularly helpful in the surgical extraction of wisdom teeth. Depending on the drive speed, the ratio of 1:2.7 makes it possible to achieve speeds of up to 135,000 RPMs. This model also has a self-generating LED light for shadow-free illumination of the operating site. Lastly, a triple spray guarantees sufficient cooling of the bur and the tooth.

W&H’s S-12 is an option for the surgeon who wants a speed increasing handpiece (1:2), but prefers to use an angled handpiece as opposed to the newly developed contra-angle (WS-91). Due to the longer length of the bur required (70mm), the handpiece will reach a speed of 80,000 RPMs.

3. Surgical Burs

Surgical burs most often are the surgeons last consideration when optimizing their Wisdom Tooth Surgery Solution. However, it is important to remember that the bur is actually the instrument that comes in direct contact with the patient, so the price point cannot be the only consideration. Rather, cutting efficiency and control should dictate the purchasing decision.

The natural selection of burs for the sectioning of Wisdom Teeth from the Vitality Surgical Range is the 701-702-703 range of instruments. The Vitality range has been manufactured by Jota of Switzerland, a reputable, high-end instrument manufacturer. The surgeon will feel a noticeable difference in his/her cutting efficiency and control after switching to the Vitality range.