New Implantmed SI-1015 Q&A Session

Latest generation W&H Implantmed is officially launched in USA market. Chen Yan, Product Manager of Global Dental Shop, attended new Implantmed SI-1015 North American pre-launch sneak peak session held at Hilton Orlando on March 15th, 2017 and he is joining us for the Q&A session.

Q: What’s new about the latest generation W&H Implantmed SI-1015?

Chen Yan: The short answer to your question is everything. This the fourth generation of W&H Implantmed. The first three generation has became a golden standard of implant motor/drill in the market for the past 20 years. Majority of implant companies private label from W&H for their implant drill.

To me there is limited innovation in the past two generation Implantmed. Surprisingly, Implantmed SI-1015 was a big “wow” for me. Everything has changed. W&H collaborated with Osstell and now Implantmed has the option of adding ISQ module to the Implantmed unit. W&H also changed the button pressing systems to a color touch screen system. For previous generations, you really have limited options with RPM and torque. On the contrary,  you can customize everything on the new unit: handpiece setting, torque, RPM, and irrigation. In addition, you can set different programs for different dentists. So it’s really convenient if multiple surgeons are sharing the same unit. W&H also changed the pump design, so it’s much easy to work with for assistant. The motor itself is lighter, shorter, but stronger. There is also an upgrade option of fiber optic motor available. The best I like the wireless foot control. So you don’t need to worry about the cable. One last innovation is the documentation function. You can document the insertion torque pattern in your patient folder.


Q: Sounds like a great unit. What’s the one thing you don’t like about this unit?

Chen Yan: The feedback I heard from people was that they have trouble understanding all the options of the unit and there was a bit of learning curve for this unit comparing with the previous ones. This really puts implant company in a disadvantage position since they normally bundle the unit with implant sales and their sales reps normally don’t understand the unit itself let along variable options. On the other hand, this really benefits vendors like Global Dental Shop since we are known as solution provider and our sophisticated sales team usually give customers a lot of useful information to help them with a informed decision. Training is another important element for this unit. Again dentists need someone like Global Dental Shop to train them how to properly use and maintain Implantmed SI-1015.

Q: What’s the pricing on this unit? How do you compare this unit to its competitors?

Chen Yan: The retail of the unit is starting from $3,800.00. So it’s slightly more expensive than the previous model. But if you want further upgrade with wireless foot control, fiber optic motor, and Osstell ISQ module, it can go up to $7,000 plus. It would still be a good buy considering if you buy Osstell ISQ unit individually, it can cost $5,000 plus. Overall I think this is the best unit in the market not only because of the performance, quality, and all the features, but it enables you do all kinds of oral surgery procedures not just the implant surgery itself.

Q: Last question, where can people buy it?

Chen Yan: Global Dental Shop is one of the first vendors to launch Impanmted SI-1015 in USA. They can buy it on our website. But I really encourage them to call us and chat with our product sales specialist and make an informed decision since there are various upgrade options and handpiece selection.


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