External Sinus Lift Solutions

External Sinus Lift Solutions

As part of Globaldentalshop.com’s (GDS) signature solution series, our technical and clinical team has developed a customized solution to assist implantologists in the controlled lifting of the sinus membrane. Our external sinus lift solution is designed with the patients safety in mind, and will provide any clinician who adopts it with the highest level of risk-management when preforming this procedure.

The GDS External Sinus Lift Signature Solution is as follows:

1. Piezo Surgery Unit

W&H’s Piezomed is the new premium level Piezoelectric surgical unit on the market. The beauty of Piezo surgery technology is that it allows the surgeon to cut bone only while having no effect on the surrounding soft tissue! Therefore one clear application is the external sinus lift. As a result of W&H’s late entrance to the piezo surgery market, they were able to capitalize on some of the design flaws that were iterated to them by clinicians using competitive units. Some innovations exclusive to Piezomed include: Automatic instrumentation detection, multiple unique patented tips (including one for the atraumatic detachment of the Sinus membrane), hands-free foot control with a BOOST function, and LED ring light technology.

2. Piezo Surgery Instrumentation (Tips)

W&H’s Piezomed has a specifically designed instrumentation set (tip kit) for the external sinus lift procedure.

The standard sequence of the tip kit is as follows:

  1. Lateral window is cut with S2 (diamond coated tip)
  2. Sinus membrane is gently detached with S3, the W&H patented trumpet tip with three internal irrigation openings to protect the membrane.
  3. Sinus membrane is further detached with S-4 and S-5 (rounded edge curette tip)


3. Sinus Lifting Hand Instruments

When considering which sinus lift curette’s/kit’s to purchase, it’s important to note that not all hand instruments are manufactured equally. Besides the quality of design and durability, design innovations like a smooth surface must be considered as they can have a significant impact on the day-to-day maintenance of your instruments, thus playing a part in the total working life of your curettes.

The LiquidSteel Sinus Lift Kit is a premium, German manufactured sinus lift kit, distributed in the US exclusively through GlobalDentalShop.com. As with everything in the LiquidSteel line, these currettes have as close as possible to an edge free surface design, which greatly reduces the chance for contamination and build up of deposits (rusting). On top of this, all of the currettes are lightweight due to a hollow handle, and have thumb and finger chamfers towards the working part to ensure excellent guidance of the instrument. Lastly, the surgeon has the ability to order this kit or individual curette’s complete with color marking rings which are bonded to the surface of the instrument at the designated grooves.

LiquidSteel Color Marking, Color Coded Instrument